What a difference some pink makes!

Hi people, with the solstice now over and the prospect of nights starting to shorten, I thought it was about time I took some to take drastic action to improve my bedroom to introduce a healing element to take it from 2006 to something more reflective of where I am in life now.

Interestingly enough, the colour white is a colour used to mark new beginnings and transition and it was the colour I painted my whole house in when I moved into it some time ago. The duvet and picture too reflecting that trend of muted browns, beige and grey tones which also harked back to that era. Brown being a comforting and stabilizing colour, reflecting physical comfort and quality we all luxuriated in back then.

However, white overused can be too sterile, cold and unimaginative and then with the addition of brown, a colour considered to be too dull and grey also receiving similar reviews in colour therapy when over used it’s no wonder I needed change and my dear and honest friend told me to get rid of that depressing picture too!

Her honesty was on the mark as this room was seriously starting to bore and drain my energy! Drastic action was required and my intuition was telling me to embrace pink, a shade I’d strayed away from for many years.

Pink is a colour which brings healing to the heart and love. It is also known as a colour of nurturing and care and without even knowing it my subconscious was telling me to up my levels self -care and nurturing in my life! Note the warmth the shade brings to the white and how such a simple change can completely change an outlook of your room taking it from dull to caring, healing and nurturing.

Update your duvet or accessorize your room and see what change it brings. If you’re struggling with the heat currently try adding shades of blue, indigo, green or turquoise to your bedroom with shades of white to induce calm and sleep. Studies have shown cool shades, especially blue to lower blood pressure and body temperature. Experiment and see what change colour can bring to you. If you would like some advice, get in touch info@mind-alive.co.uk

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