Find mind peace via flower power!

Spring/ summer has finally bloomed! There are so many beautiful colours out there to focus upon. Try this short excercise to increase mind peace, focus and positivity.

1. Find a flower to focus upon.

2. Take some deep breaths and close your eyes.

3. Start by stroking the flower and focusing on the sensations you experience as you do this. Imagine as if you were experiencing this flower for the first time. How does it feel now?

4. Then, see if you can detect any scents as you do so. Note also how your mind may tell you how the flower should smell!

5. If need be, move closer to it and take a sniff and see what scents you detect then. See if you can detect whether scents seem bitter or sweet.

6. Now, open your eyes and really focus on the flower.

7. See if you can make a tally of all the colours you see.

8. Notice also the patterns as you do this and how these also change.

9. Imagine that you were seeing this flower for the first time. What do you see now?

10. Now, come back to your breath, note how calm it breathes within you now.

11. Make it your intention for the rest of the day to notice all the different colours around you.

12. Open your eyes to the rainbow of colours all around you.

13. Remember how wonderful nature is and see if you can take this same focus into noticing colours and scents into the rest of your day.

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