MindAlive training is designed to be fun, innovative, creative and inclusive to everybody whether attention, focused or anxiety challenged. Honest, down to earth and engaging training you will genuinely enjoy whilst also learning at the same time!

MindAlive has delivered training to Nottinghamshire Focus on Wellbeing, Middle Street Resource Centre in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County Council, Teach First, and Nottingham Trent University and continually seeks to support the wellbeing of people within Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and across the UK.

MindAlive offer the current training:

5 week mindfulness for the hurried program! - A comprehensive 5 week programme introducing delegates to the key concepts and teachings of mindfulness. Consisting of 5 45 minute teaching sessions, free meditation recordings and fun home learning tasks for delegates to undertake after attending each of the following sessions

Week 1 - Mindfulness to create a sense of peace and stillness

Week 2 - Learning to notice again with mindfulness.

Week 3 -The impact of thoughts on the brain and body. 

Week 4 - Building compassion towards yourself and others with mindfulness

Week 5 - Mindfulness to help you cope with lives ups and downs

Total cost £500.00 for up to 30 delegates per round of training

Introduction to mindfulness and mindful living
Enjoy simple yet effective short guided mediations.  Find out what is and what isn’t mindfulness and some really helpful tips upon how to remain mindful within modern life.


1 hour group session for up to 60 delegates £100

Maintaining positive wellbeing - Everything you need to know on how to achieve healthier wellbeing from nutrition, sleep to relationship advice in one hour!


1 hour group session for up to 60 delegates £100


Mindfulness day retreat – fancy a whole day of meditating and learning everything you need to know to move forwards embracing mindfulness? Access a full day of relaxation and free meditation recordings at home or within your work place.


7 hour day session for up to 15 people priced at £250.00


If you have enquiry about training, please do not hesitate to complete the contact form below. Bespoke training sessions can be designed around any needs and requirements your group presents with. 

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