Engaging and inclusive training for all types of learner and participant. 

Delivered to small or more significant groups and agencies such as Nottingham Trent University and Teach First. Nottinghamshire Social Care and voluntary organisations such as Nottinghamshire Focus on Wellbeing and Middle Street Resource Centre.


Training programmes available.


5 weeks of practising mindfulness for busy people! 

A comprehensive 5-week programme introduces delegates to the key concepts and teachings of mindfulness. Consisting of five engaging, forty-five-minute teaching sessions, free meditation recordings and practical home learning tasks for delegates to undertake after attending each of the following sessions


£500.00 for up to 30 delegates per round of training

Introduction to mindfulness and mindful living

1-hour group session for up to 60 delegates £100

Maintaining positive wellbeing - Everything you need to know to achieve healthier wellbeing nutrition, sleep, relationships and stress-free lives in a one-hour group session for up to 60 delegates £100


Your very own Mindful home retreat

Bespoke home retreats designed for groups of up to 8 people 





Bespoke training packages also devised and delivered at competitive prices on a range of subjects such as:


  1. Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

  2. Reducing addiction and substance use

  3. Mindfulness, relaxation and meditation


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