Rachel gave me a series of one-to-one Mindfulness sessions which helped me greatly. She gave me a toolbox of useful hints and tips to help with the struggles and pressures of the world we live in.

A group session was not appropriate for me personally but she made the sessions fit my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


I did a Mindfulness course with Rachel last year and it was wonderful. I was always tired after work and not wanting to go out, but Rachel is so good I'd make the effort to go and was always glad I did as I felt much better afterwards. Her classes are very creative, varied and interesting and she is a great communicator. I'd recommend Rachel to anyone!


I attended Rachel's evening mindfulness meditation classes last year. I was already familiar with the concept but rarely made the time to practise it in my life. Rachel showed me the importance of taking that time for self care and relaxation. She helped me to appreciate and see the beauty in living in the moment.


Everyone in the class felt at ease and many became good friends. Rachel's enthusiasm is infectious and we all shared many laughs during the classes. Each class was different which I loved. It meant we got to experience a creative approach to the art of mindfulness. I would highly recommended Rachel as a Creative Mindfulness Therapist to anyone who wants to make positive changes to their life.