Mind Alive Coaching


Towards improved wellbeing, mental health, and happier, fulfilled living

Achieving positive mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever these days. We all need strategies to help us through stressful times in life. We also need hope and a sense of purpose, and community integration within the lives we live. Sometimes we have it, and sometimes we need a helping hand to help us get back on track.

What happens within a MindAlive coaching session?

You will receive a combination of coaching, counselling and motivational skills to help you identify what drives you and what you need in your life. Then, an assessment takes place to help you identify positive things in your life and the things you need help with. An action plan is then drawn up based on what you need to do and improve your life. Then, therapies such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindful coaching, colour therapy, and arts as therapy available to you within your support sessions alongside counselling and coaching.

MindAlive Coaching Ages 18 +

£40.00 per session

Specialist mentoring improving wellbeing in all areas of life, such as health, mental health, finances, relationships and life purpose. Including specialist support around substance misuse, addiction, wellbeing and nutrition, relationship and stress management and mindful coaching and counselling to improve happiness, gratitude and resilience towards life.

Mind Revive coaching for adults with memory challenges and learning difficulty

£20.00 per hour

Gentle, caring and mindful coaching for adults with memory challenges related to conditions such as brain injury, dementia and learning difficulties delivered on an hourly ‘sitting basis’. This support features mindful teaching and coaching designed to help individuals identify new goals and life opportunities and support to undertake them. Such activities are then supported and encouraged to increase present moment focus and stimulate the production of new memories, neural pathways, and improved memory and focus. MindAlive also provides travel and personal assistance with daily living tasks alongside communication and referral to social and health care providers. 


“ I really can’t thank you enough; you’ve made my life so much happier and given me a sense of purpose again” Andrea, 81- Now challenged less by dementia and depression.

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