Feel as calm as a cat

In the most memorable and unique meditation session you are likely to ever attend in a room full of cats!

  • Undertake simple guided meditation and feel amazing

  • Experience the healing power of a cats purr whilst undertaking guided meditation

Purrfect progressive relaxation meditation - Kitty Calm
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  • Improve your well-being and reduce stress

  • Make new human and feline friends in a relaxed environment

No previous experience or special clothing required, just a will to relax and a love for animals. Busy minds especially welcomed!

Guaranteed relaxation or your money back!

I was so pleased to attend the Kitty Calm session yesterday. Rachel has come up with a fantastic concept combining mindfulness, meditation and the relaxing influence of cats! I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend you come along and try it for yourself!


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Kitty Cafe, 31- 37 Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DD.

5th March 2019

Book now before it's too late. Time till our next event:

6-7pm (Arrive at 5.30pm if you would like to purchase food and drink before the session)

Tickets also available on Eventbrite

(This price charge is inclusive of the £6.00 animal welfare charge charged by the Kitty Cafe)