Relieve stress and find peace by staring at those grey skies today!

Feeling disheartened by the grey skies today? Why not try this ancient form of meditation adopted by the Hawaiian Kahuna, which can help you find relaxation, calm and increase joy and focus.

Here’s how!

1. Find an object to focus upon at eye level such as a tree or building surrounded by sky.

2. Start focusing on it

3. Take long deep breaths to increase relaxation for a few minutes.

4. Then, as you stare at the object ‘let go’ of controlling your mind and thoughts.

5. Don’t worry about your mind wandering here. It is inevitable and is actually welcomed!

6. Then, notice that within a matter of moments, your vision begins to spread out, and you see more in the surrounding peripheral vision than you do in the central part of your vision.

7. When this happens, switch your attention to your surrounding peripheral view.

8. Put all your attention into the surrounding peripheral vision whilst still using your object to focus on.

9. Stay in this trance like state for as long as you can. Noting the different changes in the shades of grey you see, clouds and birds coming and going. Let everything play out in front of you as you stare!

10. As you continue to stare and breathe deeply, feel your body rapidly relax.

Do this for as long as you can manage to bring welcomed calm and stress relief to your day!

Now go forth and embrace the grey shades of today with joy and happiness! Sign up for free wellbeing and mindfulness


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