Mindful Pauses and full stops

To stop you from living life in autopilot mode and to get you back into reality consider taking three breaths with your eyes closed and really concentrate on each breath before:

  • Answering the telephone

  • Following every paragraph you read

  • Before considering your reply to an email or text.

These actions will stop your the part of your brain which is linked to panic response and fear from overtaking your actions. These vital breaths will allow your decision making to come from the Pre Frontal Cortex, the part of your brain which is responsible for rational and considered decision making.

If you feel angry or distressed, do not reply for at least 12 to 24 hours.

The saying “sleep on it” really has meaning here. Allowing your mind to rest before taking action by inducing sleep will enable you to react from a place of less emotion and hurt.

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