Young Minds Alive

Mind Alive offers Coaching for young people as well as the Young Minds Alive course.

If you're concerned about your son or daughter or perhaps you wish to equip them well to cope with the demands of teenage life then Mindfulness is a reset button helpful to all teenagers in a society where teens are continually bombarded with information on social media, messenger apps, gaming and other influences which encourage unhealthy addictive behaviours.


Young Minds Alive is a fun Mindfulness course which will appeal to all types of learner and the most attention challenged. Many years of working with young people informs that young people want to  be understood and engaged on their level . This course doesn't preach but guides teens to embrace mindfulness practise by illustrating the fun, focus and laughter achieved by undertaking seemingly daft and fun mindful activity.   

Teaching about the concepts of mindfulness such as maintaining a breathing space, awareness of attachments, raising compassion to other people, living life without judgement, accepting the current moment as it is and learning how to press pause on autopilot mode takes place alongside creative art and crafting,  fun excercises and short guided meditations.

If your teen struggles to cope with school, teaching or formal groups then this course will change that. Continually changing themes in a supportive environment will ensure active learning and ensure zero boredom!

Courses can be delivered over 2 days or over eight weeks for two hours a week.

Coaching is also offered priced at £60.00 per session.

For more information about arranging a Young Minds Alive course or one to one Mind Alive coaching,  please use the contact form below.

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