Whether you have a small group of employees in mind or a larger group, there will be a range of learners all with different strengths and needs, some interested and others less so interested in professional development. Whatever your group needs, you can rely on MindAlive to provide interesting, engaging and inclusive training containing something for every learner at a great pricing, suitable for the needs and means of your organisation. 

MindAlive has delivered training with public sector, higher education, voluntary and charity providers such as Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham Trent University, Teach First, Nottingham Focus on Wellbeing and Middle Street Resource Centre and continues to run a range of innovative accessible and inclusive meditation sessions around Nottinghamshire in joint partnership with organisations such as Stone bridge Farm ,the Kitty Café and restaurants such as Delightful Desserts. 

After a memorable training session for your colleagues or maybe a short lecture or home retreat? Choose from a range of sessions below.


5 weeks of mindfulness for busy people!

A comprehensive 1 hour a week 5-week programme or one day training session if preferred designed to introducing delegates to the key concepts and teachings of mindfulness. Consisting of 5 hours of mindfulness teaching designed to help delegates find peace and stillness, observe and appreciate life, understand the benefit of mindfulness on the mind and body, build compassion towards others and apply mindfulness to lives ups and downs. Delegates will be taught simple meditations, set additional learning tasks and will have access to free meditations following the session and support via the MindAlive Facebook page. 

Total cost £600.00 for up to 30 delegates. Individual pricings and concessions are available upon request.

5 hour mindful home retreat

This session can also be delivered in a home visit to a family or small group of individuals subject to assessment and suitability.

1.5-hour teaching sessions  

Introducing mindfulness and living more gratefully

Introduction to mindfulness and living more mindfully and gratefully. An introduction to mindfulness and the impact of being mindless and less mindful. Session contains practical tips, short guided meditations and a variety of learning related exercises and presentation slides. 

Total cost £150.00 for up to 30 delegates. Individual pricings and concessions are available upon request.

Maintaining positive wellbeing and a positive mindset 

Current advice including a short mindfulness practise and tips on how to maintain positive wellbeing and a positive mindset in todays modern world. Session includes advice on eating for a healthy mind, maintaining sleep, responding to deterioration of personal wellbeing and seven steps to ensure optimal wellbeing. 

Total cost £150.00 for up to 30 delegates. Individual pricings and concessions are available upon request.

Everyday colour therapy to ensure wellness

Learn how colour can impact on emotions and wellbeing. Enjoy practical meditation using colour to impact on wellbeing and learn about the chakra system and how it is has been used throughout ancient healing and continues to be used within alternative therapies to heal the body and promote positive wellbeing.

Total cost £150.00 for up to 30 delegates. Individual pricings and concessions are available upon request.

Creative mindfulness day retreat 5 hours

Start the day with a short mindfulness meditation before learning to appreciate music mindfully and interpreting it on paper. Move onto creating and sketching Zen tangles before producing your very own doodle art. Enjoy using tissue paper to create art, meditate some more and make yourself a beautiful coloured votive. Finally, meditate some more and enjoy creating glitter art and creating a stress reliving jar and meditating whilst watching the glitter as it settles in the jar before sharing final thoughts of how participants can increase mindfulness and creative enjoyment within their lives.

Total cost £600.00 for up to 25 delegates. Price includes all materials. Individual pricings and concessions are available upon request.

Mind, body, colour and clothes show retreat 3 hours

Learn about the chakra system of colour and how taste and how our preference in colour is determined by many intriguing factors both historical and environmental and why cromotologists and scientists have experimented with the power of colour since the early ages. Find out the effects of colour and feel for yourself the impact of colour within guided meditation on a range of colours. Gain practical advice on how to use colour to empower you during everyday encounters and learn to read people by the colours they are wearing! As an optional feature of the after, participants are encouraged to bring a long an item of unwanted clothing, jewellery, a houseware or even a pen of their favourite colour. At the end of the session participants will be invited to swap their wares and advice will be given around colours to wear to enhance wellbeing. 

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