Facts about cats!

It is said that in the days of Atlantis, ancient day Crystal healers who used crystals to heal illness and ailments, used cats instead of crystals when visiting outside villages when villagers were suspicious of crystal healing.  Cats were believed to have the same equivalent healing power as crystals and offered far more favourable and trusted substitutes to crystals- which were considered and feared by some to be black magic.  

Egyptian goddesses and protectors

Cats or “Mau” as they were called in Ancient Egypt were considered sacred and praised for their ability to kill snakes and their grace and poise. People worshipped a half feline and female goddess called Bastet and cats were so endeared by their fellow Egyptians that when they died they were often were mummified, and then buried with their owner preserving them forever alongside their owner. Their mummified presence was also widely believed to protect their owners from negative energy.

Cats as considerate healers and protectors

Some people believe that cats have the power to remove negative energy from your body on a daily basis. While you are sleeping, cats are said to absorb it from your body. Cats have also been known to take on illnesses or their owners and act as considerate ‘sponges’, absorbing energy to prevent harm to their owners. It is believed that that whilst cats sleep, they then release negative energy that they have considerately removed from their owners.

Cats are also said to guard you at night so no unwanted spirits can enter the room while you are asleep. Some say that this is why they like to sleep on your bed. It is also suggested that cats can pick upon other peoples negative vibes and may surround you to protect you when less than kinder visitors visit your home. 

It’s understandable why the Egyptians considered cats to be healers!

Good vibrations!

In a 2006 study, researchers found that the frequency of a cat’s purr (between 25 and 140 Hz), is the right healing frequency to help bone growth, fracture healing, pain relief, swelling reduction, wound healing, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair, and mobility of joints. This frequency is commonly found to heal injuries and pain within both sound and vibrational therapy. 

Cats have long since been thought of as natural healers, and with magical powers like this it’s no wonder. Other studies have found that the powerful purr vibrations put off by cats even has the strength to aid in healing soft tissue damage, such as muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.

Scientific studies have also found that the purr vibration to help to reduce symptoms of  bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and  Dyspnea (shortness of breath)  Purr vibrations have also been found to  lower blood pressure, cure infection and swelling, and heal muscles, tendons and ligament injuries.

A 2008 study conducted over 20 previous years found cat owners less likely to die of heart attacks compared to people who had never had cats. A similar study during 2009 reported similar findings suggesting that owning a cat could reduce the risk of developing health disease.

Cats improve your mental health!

We all know how lovely it is to fuss and stroke a cat. Studies have also found that stroking a cat soothes the nerves and reduces stress and blood pressure!

Simply stroking your cat’s soft fur can help you to relax you by putting your mind at ease and clearing your thoughts. In addition to healing stress, interacting with cats reduces anxiety and depression and helps you feel happiness and appreciation for the moment you find yourself within.