Colour Therapy

Colour is essential in our lives. We depend on it for nourishment and restoration in the same way as nature does. Colour fills our skies as the day draws to night. These colours equating to energy cycles we experience throughout the day such as red skies at night moving to mauve then indigo to signify time for digest our food then rest.

The Egyptians were building colour therapy temples and using colour to treat ailments as were the Mayans and Romans back in time.  Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine also used colour to diagnose signs of dis- ease and energy blockage within the body as it still does today.

Chromatology, known as colour therapy today, utlizes the Chakra system also used in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki and Chinese and Indian medicine to treat energy blockages in the body. Energy blockages, which occur when a person is suffering emotionally or with illness. Beginning from red Root Chakra governing the pelvic area, spine and legs, right up the body to the violet Crown Chakra at the top of the head, colour therapy balances all the colours of orange, yellow, green, and indigo and their respective chakra points above in with the addition of other powerful and healing colours like turquoise and magenta and gold. Colour therapy also analyses colours which people surround themselves with and advises upon higher or lower energy colours to raise or calm mood as required.

Mind Alive colour treatment can be requested exclusively or undertaken during Mind Alive coaching sessions. Following detailed assessment, advice is the provided on nutrition, dress and even home décor to ensure you continue to heal  following your session.  

Price per session £60.00

Rachel Jackson.  Diploma in Colour Therapy.  S.A.C dip s293893

BGI registered.

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