Relax • Meditate • Enjoy Cake!

Wednesday lunchtimes 12-1pm
Delightful Desserts, 542 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2FR

Enjoy effective yet effortless guided meditation in a relaxed and friendly environment


Learn effective mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to calm your mind

Meditate on cake, your senses, your breath and all sorts of other interesting and enjoyable themes guaranteed to boost wellbeing and mood

Gluten-free option available.
For other dietary requirements visit

A bit about your instructor…

Once attention and focus challenged and unable to stand still, experienced relaxation, mindfulness and meditation instructor, Rachel Jackson never believed she could experience calm until she found a method of undertaking mindfulness meditation which worked for her. Now an established meditation instructor, Rachel is passionate about making meditation inclusive for especially people with busy and inattentive minds.

“If like me, you’ve struggled with traditional meditation, you will find that this type of mediation works for you”

 Mavis 74

Last year, Rachel combined meditation and calm at Kitty Calm at Nottingham’s Kitty Café, Then, children and adults enjoyed meditation and artwork together in room of rabbits at Bunny Calm at Stone Bridge Farm. Now, this year is all about Cake!


“I want to show people how to find calm and what better a way to find happiness and peace than to appreciate a good slice of cake!”

Rachel Jackson

Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor.
Certified NLP Practitioner and Colour Therapist. 


See for yourself how you can easily find calm by focussing intently on everyday things in life.

Hot Drink Meditation - Rachel Jackson
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