What happens at Kitty Calm

During your Kitty Calm Session, you will be guided in a number of short enjoyable meditation practises catering for all learning styles. If you have a particular request or need, please let it be known so you receive the relaxation and experience you require!

In the first half of the session you will enjoy some lovely guided meditations to help you relax. During the second half of the session you will then have the chance of petting the cats or undertaking further relaxing meditation if you wish. This allows anybody taking a 30 minute dinner break the chance to make their way back to work or the luckier participant to spend time with the cats!

There will be many different types of enjoyable meditation practise available at kitty calm which will fall within the following categories: 

Mindfulness meditations

Mindfulness is the simple art of ‘being alive and present in the current moment’. You can practise mindfulness by putting all your focus into any task whether this be meditating or even playing music or sport. We all know what it is like when we get ‘lost within something we enjoy’ and how undertaking this task gives us time away from troubling thoughts and worries. Practising mindfulness meditation offers exactly the same benefits and it is so easy to do.


Far too often we spend our lives rushing around multitasking and living our lives on autopilot mode without seeing what is in front of us and missing precious moments in life which are pleasant in comparison to more stressful moments. It is when you are truly present within the moment and appreciating what is going on for us in that moment that we achieve a state of calm and acceptance for life.

Mindfulness meditations can focus on literally anything from observing your breath or investigating sensations inside your body to focusing on sounds, smells and sensations outside our bodies or even the sense of touch, movement or sight. During Kitty Calm you will get to learn lots of short enjoyable meditations which will help you reduce stress, increase happiness and give you a break from constant or troubling thoughts. 

As we know that we all have wandering minds and achieving complete mind peace is an achievement in itself in modern life, all meditations will be interesting and engaging and certainly not boring! There will be something for everybody here whether new to mindfulness or an established meditator.

Guided imagery meditations.

These lovely meditations take you on a visualised journey to promote relaxation. All you have to do is sit back and listen to the narrative to let it transport you to a relaxing place. These sorts of meditations are great to promote relaxation when a state of mindfulness may be difficult to achieve. 


Colour breathing

Colour breathing is a technique used in colour therapy used to rebalance energy blockages which occur when a person is suffering emotionally or with illness.

Colour therapy embraces the vibrational energy of colour to improve energy vibration in your bodies to clear any blockages within the Chakra system in your body. This same Chakra system also used in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Reflexology and many of the other alternative therapies and holistic health treatments available today.

By focusing on Chakra points within the body and visualising colour, this breathing can have the same powerful effect of energizing or relaxing the body as other alternative therapies. Such healing power achieved simply by the mind!